#2 – The Neptunes a.k.a Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Yo guys,

I’m back with another playlist. This time it is a playlist with tunes that were produced by the iconic duo ‘The Neptunes’. Since I was young, I’ve always been listening to songs that were produced by them. Not knowing that The Neptunes were behind all these dope ass songs!

Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams knew each other from high school and they got discovered by Teddy Riley (past member of the R&B group, Blackstreet). The Neptunes began producing songs since the early 90’s. Back then they produced songs for the Blackstreet, SWV, and Mystikal. The so-called “Neptunes Sound” started in the late 90’s. Synthesizerriffs, sampling keyboard, and modules were the main instruments that they used. Superthug from Noreaga and Caught Out There from Kelis became a success and from that moment Chad and Pharrell made hits after hits!

The Neptunes are one of my favorite producers because their sound is so recognizable and funky but also very different at the same time. They worked with artists like Jay-Z, Beenie Man, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg and many more artists. You’ll notice a lot of old bangers when you listen to the playlist down below.

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