My trip to the Motherland

As we say in my motherland, Afehiya pooo! (it means Happy New Year)

It has been 11 years since I’ve been to Ghana. I was very happy to be back from where my roots are but I was also glad to see the rest of my family members. The reason why I went to GH, was because the whole fam celebrated my great grandmothers’ birthday, which was very fun. I also experienced Christmas in Ghana and it felt so weird, cuz I’m always used to celebrate Christmas when it’s cold. Although I do have to say that it felt good to be in a country where Christmas isn’t commercial like in Europe. In Ghana, we attach more value to the gathering and love from the family instead of materialistic things.

I haven’t done a lot during this trip, to be honest. BUT if I tell you guys how much I chilled in GH? Eyyy… Too much paaaa! So my family is located in Kumasi, that’s the second largest city in Ghana. During my stay in Kumasi, I’ve mainly visited the city center where the Ghanaian Cultural Center, Rattray Park, and the shops are located.

Although I have always learned to be happy with the things we have in the Netherlands, I must say that I appreciate the smallest things that I own even more. Certain things which are normal for use, like showering with warm water or having wifi at home, is a privilege in Ghana. I hope to visit Ghana a.s.a.p. cuz two weeks was way too short.

Pics down below 🙂



Adum, Kumasi –  City Center 



Accra –  Independence Square 


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