J.LEGACEE, A sneaker brand you gotta know!!

Yo guys,

In this post, I’m going to tell something about this new shoe brand called J.LEGACEE which I teamed up with! This dope brand was established in 2017 by two friends named Jeffrey Platteel and Jeremy Bruno.

J.LEGACEE is a Dutch brand that is handcrafted in Portugal. It is a unisex shoe which comes in three different lines (Sports, Essentials, and Lux).I had the chance to try them on before picking out a model. Ultimately I choose for the Sports line.


I really love this brand because It’s so easy to wear. I can wear them with a smart casual outfit but I can also wear them easily with a streetwear outfit. The colors give it a nice minimalist feel and it matches well. The materials that are being used are nubuck, suede, and leather. The insoles are made of leather as well. It makes sure that you’ll have good support for your back and feet which makes it very comfy to wear!

But those aren’t the only reasons why these creps are slick. I am so happy to see a sneaker brand that is different from others. It’s the whole product that makes them original. I haven’t seen a sneaker brand that has a huge sneaker box like J.LEGACEE or a sneaker brand that also gives you a fragrance… Like isn’t that cool?

You can cop you a pair of J.LEGACEE’s in various stores like Baskets, curated.for.store, X BANK, and many more. Wanna know how I rock my J.LEGACEE’s?  Check my pics down below and make sure to follow curated.for.store and J.LEGACEE on Instagram to stay updated!

IG: curated.forstore |IG: J.LEGACEE

Peace out!


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