My trip to Dushi Kòrsou


Kon ta bai!? How are you all doing? It has been a while and I know… But peeps, Y’all don’t know how busy I was in the past months. I had to do so many things for school and my work placement, that I couldn’t create any content for my blog during that time. However, I am glad to be blogging again cuz your homeboy has completed his work placement successfully and I am back from vacay.

As you can see from my title, I went to Curaçao (Kòrsou in local language). Men… This trip really did me well. I really love Curacao! It is such a nice island with a rich culture.  The locals are really friendly and you know what’s hella funny? They did not see me as a tourist lol. 9/10 times, they either spoke Papiamento or Spanish to me. But it’s not strange at all. Curaçaoan people are very diverse. The majority of the population over there are of African descent and the original inhabitants are Arawaks. But there are also Latin Americans and other West Indians that have settled in Curaçao.

During my vacay, I stayed at Morena Eco Resort in Jan Thiel which was perfectly located for me. It was nearby the beach and it was also nearby Willemstad where most of the shops are located. I Haven’t done a lot during my trip, to be honest with Y’all. I only took a visit to Willemstad and I went to numerous beaches in Curaçao. But that was fine to me. I’ve been to Jan Thiel beach which was 5 minutes away from the resort. It is a nice beach but very touristy. I also went to Playa Porto Marie. That beach is very beautiful and the funny thing about it is, that there are pigs walking around haha. I also went to other beautiful beaches like Playa Kenepa Grandi, Playa Marie Pampoen, and Playa Grandi. Willemstad is also interesting. It is basically split into two main boroughs which are Punda (point) and Otrobanda (the other side). The architecture in Punda is very similar to the architecture in the Netherlands. Punda is chicer and more directed to vacationers compared to Otrobanda. Otrabanda, on the other hand, is more authentic and lively.

The only disadvantage about this island is that everything is so pricey. Even outside the touristy places, you’ll see prices that make you shook. Curaçao might be a bit of an expensive trip to plan, but guys, I highly recommend you all to go there! It’s defo a place you have to see once in your lifetime. (TIP: Book your tickets during Werelddeals via KLM)

Down below, I have some pics of my vacay. You can also my Instagram Highlights for other pictures and short vids of my trip :).


Playa Kenepa Grandi


Playa Kenepa Grandi



These abuelitas make the best batidos (fruit shakes) in town, TRUST ME! You can find them in Otrobanda, opposite the Pontjesbrug.




Caught off guard – Otrobanda


Handelskade – Punda


Playa Marie Pampoen – This isn’t the most beautiful beach in my opinion, but this is the only beach where you will find lots of locals and where you can really feel that Caribbean vibe. AND this beach has also a delicious local restaurant where you can eat cheap!


Playa Grandi – This beach has a lot of turtles! It is definitely worth a visit.



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